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Our partners are a key component of YZ GROUP success.

Why Partner With YZ GROUP?
Our goal is to help our partners achieve increased revenues and profitability. Our focus on building a strong brand and high-quality support for our partners and their clients will help you win new business.

  • Leadership and Competitive products serving a rapidly growing market;
  • World-Class Network – Join a committed group of corporations, and World-Class partners and individuals;
  • Attractive margins and an opportunity to generate significant profits from add-on services;
  • Dedicated technical and sales support;
  • Support in implementation of products and related services;
  • A structured partner program.

    For more information about corporate partnerships, contact us, at sales@yzgroup.org or +202 2274 2014.


بيانات الإتصال

24 شارع الشيخ محمد النادي
متفرع من مكرم عبيد، مدينة نصر
القاهرة، مصر

T. +2 02 2274 2014
F. +2 02 2274 2018

M. +2 0100166 2977

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